In a book published by a piano rebuilder and friend of the family, entitled, Another One of Riley’s Pianos, John Riley writes:

“A little known fact is the Trefz name is one of the oldest continuous 5-generation names in the piano industry. The only other name is Steinway. The Trefz family was in the piano industry 22 years before the Steinway Company was founded in 1853. I do not think in all the years I spent in this business I have ever known a family more dedicated to the piano business. John Trefz, the 5th generation, continues this great legacy of the family. Like all the Trefz before him, his tuning pin blocks, bridges, … and all around piano work are the best to be had in the industry. What is more important, John is a fine professional and genial man, a pleasure to do business with.”

The Trefz family tradition in the Piano Industry is described in this excerpt from the old Otto R. Trefz Piano Co. Catalog.

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