Expert repair and setup of stringed instruments

Piano parts duplication: Soundboards, Bridges and Pinblocks


We specialize in creating custom replacement piano bridges, pinblocks, and soundboards

Trefz has duplicated thousands of piano bridges, from spinets to concert grands


Maple piano pinblocks are cut as close as possible, including complicated or multi-piece pinblocks.


We can craft replacement soundboards. more...


We can custom duplicate treble and bass bridges, uppernuts, pinblocks, damper guide rails, and wood action rails.

Repair and setup of guitars, basses, mandolins


John Trefz can repair and setup your guitar or bass.

Listed below are examples of the kinds of repairs we can make.

Damaged fret restoration


Routing a guitar bridge to correct action height

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Need a balanced intonation over your guitar’s entire fingerboard – every fret – every string. John Trefz is an authorized retro-fitter for the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.

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